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Yesterday, my neighbour knocked on my back door having come through his yard to mine and asked if I’d mind if he pressure-washed my paved areas, as he was bored. I suggested he might pressure-wash anything of mine he pleased and that I was delighted. I said he could do my car too and he just laughed. I was NOT joking.


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“Really? There’s a MACHINE in the basement that would do this for me. This is so stupid.” Ok, I didn’t say the “it’s so stupid” part, aloud. I said it in the comfort of my own mind.

This was a common semi-dialogue I would have with ma grandmere when I stayed the night.

Every night before bed, she made me wash my undergarment, by HAND. She did the same.

Until this day, I can still see her toffee tone stockings andbrassieresdraped over the shower rod.

I dreaded it.

It wasn’t until I became an adult thatje remercie beaucoup ma grand-mèrefor prepping me.

Before having disposable income, undergarments were one of the items I splurged on. When studying inMilano, my flat mate asked me one day “if you’re so broke (which I was) why did you just spend €60 on abrassiere?”

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